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My music is my family and my religion, it is how I breathe and express my truest rawest emotions. I deeply believe that these gifts are meant to be shared. I am an introvert but through my art I’m able to soar and share what I bury deep inside. I cannot be me without an audience, I want you to hear my music, I want you to love it or hate it, no matter the emotion, it is meant and was created to provoke a feeling. Hopefully if I do my job correctly, it will be a positive sentiment.

In recent years I have been blessed with a growing fan base and folks that are moved by my expressions the same way I was moved when it was created. Please visit my family here and join us to keep up with what is happening.

I have entered a contest called Artist Signal. It is an outlet for independent artists such as myself to win some money to help kick start their career. Indie artists do not have a machine behind them, we act as our own promoters, managers, booking agents, contract administrators and many other aspects that go into the music business. If you think it is a few moments with a guitar in the hand think again, the hours and sweat that goes behind a musician’s career is endless. We work around the clock with no lunch breaks or vacations, in order to find success and be able to do what we love. We often have to work several jobs to fund our passions and pay the bills that come with every day living.

This is the life I chose and the dream I feel I am meant to follow. I cannot make my dreams come true without the assistance of others, I’m asking for your help. From November 1st to the 30th I need your dedicated support, it does not cost you one penny and takes a few seconds to do, it is very easy. You can sign up here using your facebook account: Artist Signal Referral and you can vote for me here: Rebecca Hosking on Artist Signal.

You can vote for me every hour and download the Artist Signal app to your phone for more convenience when you are away from your computer. App for Itunes and App for Android. The artist with the most votes at the end of the month wins $10,000.00 of which, if I win, I will use the money to pay for my latest CD release, A Few Broken Pieces and its distribution. I have also promised my fans in the UK that I will go and celebrate my new release with them on their soil.

The more you vote the more cool prizes you will win, from free downloads of my entire musical catalog, to youtube videos of public shout outs and performances of your favorite songs, One on One Skype interaction, sketches, T-shirts autographed by me and the ultimate prize of a song written by me, custom made for YOU, fully produced and recorded by my dear friend and producer Scott Neubert!

I’m working hard for you, and I’m pleading for your help. Please vote and help keep my dream ALIVE! Please share this information to as many people that you can think of, ask them to listen to the music if they like what they hear, please show your appreciation by clicking on that little four letter word that says, “VOTE”

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