tinyflowersRebecca Hosking is a singer/songwriter that has been pounding the pavement in Nashville, TN on Music Row making her presence known. Over the years she has collected numerous TV and movie cuts, recently having a song in the hit show, The Lost Girl, The Poker World Series on ESPN, Bizarre Foods of America and many more.

She can be heard on the Radio both online and terrestrial stations world wide and has charted in the top 10 for most requested Independent Artist on Fame Music Radio out of Johannesburg, SA. and has 5 songs in the top 10 most requested song on Sound Machine Country Radio. She has garnered countless Independent artist cuts, With Sister Soul, Anne E. DeChant and Rachel Farley.

Rebecca is currently promoting her CD, My Soul is Already Sold and her latest release, A Few Broken Pieces will be on sale soon on her own label LoveLloyd Music. She is a hard working Indie Artist and her music is pure country roots that comes from the heart and has reached listeners from across the globe which have formed a fan club they proudly have named The Hoskettes.








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